Blast cleaning and finishing

At Guyson we offer blast cleaning and finishing solutions for a vast range of surface treatment applications. We can help you to select the most appropriate system for your particular needs - whether a basic manual blast cabinet or a customised machine, for use by an operator or automated - and the right blast media to achieve the results you wish. Please scroll down for a selection of typical blast applications - or click a shortcut button.


Blast finishing can speedily remove lightly attached burrs from complex machined components and can be more effective than hand or machine deburring in areas with poor accessibility. Non-abrasive deburring media leave even fragile materials untouched. Alternatively, Guyson can combine efficient deburring with controlled surface modification, if required.


Paint, lacquer and other coatings can be stripped off with speed and precision without damage to sensitive substrates and with no hazardous chemical handling or disposal problems. If component irregularities are part of the coating problem, blasting can often strip parts and leave surfaces in an improved condition for re-coating.
Guyson blast equipment offers a faster, easier and safer alternative to labour intensive paint stripping methods such as manual scrubbing, sanding, grinding, scraping and wire brushing, chemical cleaning and acid etching.
Blast equipment from Guyson can help achieve new levels of precision, speed and efficiency in many architectural restoration operations.

Cleaning without dimensional change

Using dryblast techniques pioneered by Guyson, even complicated shapes and sensitive materials can be efficiently cleaned without substrate erosion or dimensional change. Ideal for the precision cleaning of moulds, dies and tools without damage to delicate surfaces. Large wheel-blast systems are often quoted for the efficient cleaning of dies used in extrusion processes.


Beadblasting can be used to rapidly and thoroughly deflash resin-moulded or die-cast components. Brittle flash can be cleanly removed from intricate components without altering adjacent surfaces by precise selective impact treatment. Alternatively, the flash can be removed whilst an overall cosmetic finish is produced on adjacent surfaces.
Guyson's advanced media reclamation systems eliminate the clogging and dust problems which may be created in less advanced deflashing equipment. Guyson systems also address the static and other problems associated with plastics deflashing.


Use bead or grit blasting to quickly remove heat scale, surface discoloration, oxides, rust, weld scale or corrosion. Restore a component's looks and remove surface problems that interfere with painting, plating, coating, drawing and other processes. A Guyson blast descaling system may represent a viable alternative to chemical descaling methods such as caustic or acid processing with none of the inherent safety concerns of using hazardous chemicals.

Surface etching

Improved surface preparation or 'keying' of component surfaces can be achieved using Guyson blast equipment. Fine media blasting in one of our automated blast systems delivers very real improvements in adhesion for performance critical components such as medical implants when they are etched prior to ceramic or PVD/CVD coating.
A light surface etch improves bonding to smooth substrates and is often used in the automotive interior and trim market to aid bonding of veneers, plastic and rubber to superstructures.

Cosmetic finishing

Increasingly, cosmetic finishes can be the competitive edge that makes your product more attractive to the consumer. Whether you are addressing minor surface imperfections, replacing an inconsistent manual blasting operation or streamlining a high-production process, we can help. Guyson uniquely combines expertise in unusual media that create a distinctive surface finish with automation techniques to impart the look of quality with uniform, consistent results. Appearances count more than ever today. Guyson can demonstrate alternative finishes to help you achieve the look you are after, then recommend an automatic blast system to meet your production requirements.

Investment removal

Removing tough, strongly adhering investment from castings made using the lost wax process calls for greater cutting power, which is achieved using hard angular abrasive blast media in an automated or manual pressure feed system. Typical components which would require a very fine tolerance level on intricate shapes and curves include items such as turbocharger hot end wheels, cylinder heads, aero-engine turbine blades, gold and silver jewellery, and dental plates.

Shot peening

Guyson shot peener systems utilise the latest in process controls and draw on our pedigree in blast automation, enabling us to build peening systems that can deliver a predictable intensity with consistent, repeatable results, to your specifications. Many Guyson automated Multiblast machines have been sold for peening turbine rotors and blades to comply with worldwide aerospace standards.

Engraving and etching glass

Blasting can be used as a fine etching process to produce logos and insignia on glass, pottery, cutlery and medals, in an extremely fast operation – a drinking glass can be etched with a measure insignia in around one second. Also distinctive patterns, textures and frostings can be achieved on flat plate glass and art glass by use of varied media types and pressure settings. A range of dedicated machines specifically designed for glass etching are available from Guyson.