Robotic Blasting Systems

Automated blast cleaning improves on all those areas that are weak in manual blasting and brings key process parameters under control and provides a high degree of repeatability, so long as the geometry of the components is relatively simple. However, due to the linear nature (x-y axis) of traditional automated process control, when the shapes and contours of the components are complex, and the blasted surface finish is critical, a conventional automated blast system may not be able to meet all the precision component manufacturer's quality requirements.

Fully automated robotic precision blast systems are proven to deliver real daily running cost savings in both compressed air consumption and media usage. Far fewer blast guns are required than in the traditional blanket coverage approach with multiple guns. Additional regular cost savings from robotic blasting include greatly reduced blast media costs through less media breakdown and lower wastage. Furthermore, a smaller and cheaper dust collector can be specified, with reduced waste requiring disposal.  Introduction of this type of precise robot blasting can also eliminate operator Health & Safety risks relating to both RSI and vibration white finger problems.

For complex precision components and shot peening, robotically controlled blasting delivers an outstanding range of benefits. It delivers a precise blast stand off distance around the surface contour of the most complex shapes coupled with the minimum of overspray and the maximum of blast efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Precise blast profile
  • Repeatable surface treatment
  • Simplified blast validation capabilities
  • Fast set-up and recall of blast profiles to match components
  • Lower running costs compared to multiple blast gun systems
  • Elimination of RSI and VWF operator injuries
  • Lights out blast procedure possible
  • Frees up operator personnel.


New Addition to Demonstration Room

Guyson has recently upgraded its advanced robotic capabilities in the demonstration and engineering centre to assist its customers with their process evaluation and precision blast simulation. With this fully integrated working robotic cell incorporated into the demonstration area of the factory, Guyson will be able to further demonstrate how adoption of these sophisticated new precision robotic blasting techniques can deliver investment cost savings over traditional multiple blast gun systems, which are often much larger and more complicated to validate and continuously maintain.

For further information about Guyson robotically controlled blasting please download the PDF below or call Guyson on +44 (0)1756 799911 and ask to talk to one of our experienced customer service team.

Prospective users of Guyson manual or automated bead blasting systems are encouraged to submit sample components for free feasibility testing in the company’s extensive development workshop at Skipton, England. Contact Guyson now